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Well, it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve last posted. Lots going on, and I definitely will not bore my audience to tears giving the day-by-day account of the events of my life. I’ve been working at my part-time IT job, getting ready for Residence Life training in August, and spending lots of time thinking. It’s been good.

I find it really hard to believe that it’s almost the end of summer. It seems just like yesterday that I was just getting settled in for the long summer. Now it’s all gone, and training starts in less than two weeks. Amazing stuff. I’m really looking forward to being around lots of great folks in Res Life, and even more great folks when the student body returns to campus in September. Through this, I’ve come to realize how much I really value the people with which I share space. Relationships are a beautiful thing.

On the Linux front, I’m currently running Ubuntu 9.04, after encountering a weird phantom problem with Mint 7. It was progressively getting slower and less responsive, and it also would refuse to launch Firefox and Thunderbird, but keep the process running so I couldn’t simply whack it and try again. I think it was a fixable problem, but I just ran out of patience and installed Ubuntu. I’m quite happy with it at this point.

Did I mention that it’s currently 104 degrees here in Salem? One of my friends commented that “9/10 Oregonians agree on Facebook: it’s too damn hot.” Agreed. I’m definitely not used to this caliber of heat, and with any luck it’ll cool off a bit by the weekend. I’m not sure if I’m imagining this, but it feels like once the outside temperature reaches above body temperature, there’s a definite, palpable increase in the amount of felt heat. It just feels ten times hotter than it does at 90 degrees. Maybe it’s just me.

Coming up, I’m scheduled to work at my IT job all of next week (Glorious glorious air conditioning!), and the week after that I move into my dorm room and start RA training! Provided that I’m not totally exhausted at the end of the training day, I will post some updates about that, for those who might be interested in reading. Until then…

The collegiate life continues…


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