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Category Archives: Linux

Below is a list of the Linux distributions I’ve tried to date, along with my two-or-so-sentence opinion/verdict/conclusion of each.


OpenSUSE: KDE version maddening because it’s KDE, GNOME version: “WTF is the difference between the Control Center and YaST?!?”

Ubuntu 8.04/8.10: Very brown, and why won’t my mp3s play? (This was early in my Linux explorations, and I had yet to understand the virtue of media codec packages)

Kubuntu 8.10: OMG it kernel panicked again (later traced to a bug between the kernel and my Intel wireless card), and where the hell is everything? KDE hating…

Xubuntu: Very clean design, but why won’t you mount my internal NTFS partition?

Arch: The end result may be exactly what you want in your configured system, but why oh why must you go through so much command-line-fu to get there. Glad I went through it, but I still couldn’t get up and running.

Linux Mint 6: I ran into initial kernel panics (because Ubuntu/Kubuntu are upstream from Mint), but replacing gnome-network-manager with wicd seems to be a good workaround for my system. This is my “production” OS (what I rely on for getting actual work done). Very satisfied customer.

Knoppix: Couldn’t even get it to boot from CD. Next.

Puppy Linux: Saved my skin (and my data) on many occasions, I always keep a live CD of Puppy in my backpack.

Damn Small Linux: Seems roughly comparable to Puppy, but I prefer Puppy for its UI.

What’s Next

Foresight Linux 2.1.1 (having difficulty finding a suitable download)

Linux Mint 7 (waiting for a known issue specific to my graphics card to be worked out)

Simply MEPIS (heard about it on Linux Outlaws)